Building a Small Wind Turbine: Mounting to an Existing Structure Building a Small Wind Turbine: Mounting to an Existing Structure

What You'll Need
Building mount kit or mounting kit
Pliers or vise-grips
Drill and drill bits

Once you have completed building your small wind turbine, it's time to mount it. You may choose to mount it into an existing structure such as a roof or a previously built tower used for the same purpose, or simply create a new structure to mount your newly built small wind turbine. Below are some steps to follow in mounting your small wind turbine.

Step 1 – Purchase a Mounting Kit

One of the many ways to mount a small wind turbine to an existing structure is through a mounting kit. There are a couple of manufacturers in the market offering mounting kits to make this task easier for you. Whether you are mounting it to an existing building, roof or other structure, this mounting kit will do the job. You will find mounting kits made up of heavy-duty steel with industrial vibration isolation materials. Some of the mounting kits available in the market are even powder coated and zinc plated to resist weathering. There are various mounting kits that can withstand high wind load. Just make sure to shop around for the best mounting kit specific to the existing structure you'll be installing your small wind turbine.

Step 2 – Assemble the Mounting Kit

Depending on the mounting kit you purchase, there maybe different steps to take when assembling the mountain kit. What's great about mounting kits is that they have manuals that enumerate the steps you need to take in order to set up that mounting kit for your wind turbine. So take that manual and follow the steps in assembling and installing your mounting kit. Take out the tools you will need to do this job.

Step 3 – Installing the Small Wind Turbine

Now, it's time to install your small wind turbine and mount it into the existing structure. Once your mount kit and tower are installed on the structure, you can now connect your wind turbine. Slide it on top of your pole or tower.

Step 4 – Connecting the Wires

Next, pull the wires up from your small wind turbine. Connect the wires from your turbine to the wires going through the pole. Connect the black wires and the red wires, or in short, connect the positive wires together and the negative wires together to power up your turbine. Secure the connection with the use of wire nuts. You can also use heat-shrink connectors. Now that your wires are connected, it's time to connect it to the battery. Just like what you did with the wires from the turbine and the poles, connect the positive wire to the positive terminal. Connect the negative wire to the negative terminal of the battery

It's time to test it out. Make sure everything is installed properly and set up correctly.

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