Building a Stacked Stone Fireplace in Your Backyard

What You'll Need
Wooden stakes
Measuring tape
#4 rebar
Grill panel
Flagstone veneer
Weatherproof spray

When you are creating a retreat in your backyard it cannot possibly be complete without having a stacked stone fireplace. The following steps will show you how to build your own stacked stone fireplace for little money and little effort.

Step 1 - Determining and Preparing the Site

Decide on a location in your backyard that is away from any walls of the home and in an area that is relatively flat.

Once you have found the right spot put a stake in the middle of it. Now, use the spray paint and make three circles on the ground. One will be for the inside wall, outside wall, and flagstone wall.

Step 2 - The Concrete Footings

These act as a sort of concrete support beam that is enforced with the re-bar.

Dig a hole between the two circles on the inside of the proposed area for the fireplace. Make it a 1-foot space that is at least 6-inches in depth. Bend the rebar into two circles then twist the wires together. Place the rebar inside the hole.

Mix the concrete according to the directions on the bag and then fill the space with concrete. Use the trowel to smooth the concrete out then allow it to set.

Step 3 - Inner Wall

When you begin to build the inner wall of the stacked stone fireplace try to choose stones that are as flat as possible and will fit snugly together. You do not want large gaps between the flagstones if you can help it.

Start laying the first layer of flagstones in a pattern that shows off the contrast of the stones. Periodically use the level to make sure that the stones you are placing on the ground are at least staying somewhat level.

When you are finished with the first layer place a layer of mortar on top of the stones and make another layer. Create several layers like this until you are satisfied with the height.

At this point you can put your grill panel in place. Make sure it is a snug fit.

Step 4 - Outside Inner Wall

The first wall is meant to kind of direct the heat; the outside inner wall is used to insulate the heat as well as provide support for the inner wall. To build the outside inner wall of the stacked stone fireplace you simply repeat Step 3. Make sure you apply mortar to each stone you lay (even the outside edges) and disregard placing the grill panel as mentioned in that step..

When the mortar has set you can then apply the veneer for the flagstones.

Step 5 - Finishing Touches

Do your best to remove any excess stone points and when you are done apply the weatherproof spray.

With the fireplace completed you can now use the spray paint to make an outline of the grill panel. Remove the panel and begin excavating the area. Create a hole that is at least 4-inches deep. Tamp it down so it is flat then place the grill inside it.