Building a Standing Coat Rack

What You'll Need
Table Saw
Tape Measure
Portable Drill
Assorted Drill bits
Woodworkers Glue
Pine, Cedar or Oak 4x4 inch post, at least 6 feet tall
Four Coat Hooks
Pine, Cedar or Oak 2x4, approximately 8 feet long
Scrap Pieces of Pine, Cedar or Oak, 1x2 inches
Carpenters Square
Sandpaper, Grits from 100 to 220
Mineral Spirits

Building a standing coat rack is a fun project to undertake. It is also very inexpensive and will add a sense of rustic charm to a home’s entryway, not to mention, it is a very convenient and usable piece of furniture. A standing coat rack can be equipped with novel hooks on which to hang hats, scarves and of course, coats. These unique clothes horses provide convenience, preclude the need for hangers and allow you to quickly and easily grab a hat, coat or other article of clothing on your way out of the home. They also provide a convenient place to drop off your clothing quickly when returning from a hard day at work.

Step 1, Cut Out Pieces

Begin with a 4x4 at least 6 feet tall. Cut out four pieces of the 2x4s, approximately 1 foot long to use as supporting feet for the upright 4x4. Next, cut out four pieces of the 1x2 scraps to use as braces between the 2x4s and the upright 4x4. Cut 45 degree angles and brace them between the braces and the upright 4x4. Using a protractor and appropriate angles, fashion a somewhat pointed top for the upright 4x4. Again, using the protractor, taper one end of each of the 2x4s approximately 15 to 25 degrees to add definition to the legs of the standing coat rack. Attach square blocks to the bottom of each leg to insure the standing coat rack is equally balanced.

Step 2, Build a Standing Coat Rack

Cut slotted grooves in the supporting 2x4 feet to form a cross. Glue and screw these pieces together, and then glue and screw them to the bottom of the 4x4 upright standing coat rack. Attach square pieces by gluing and screwing them to the bottom of the supporting 2x4 feet to add stability and balance to the upright standing coat rack. Add the 1x2 scraps for braces.

Step 3, Sand and Finish

Using 100 grit sand papers begin to sand all wooden pieces. Work up to 220 grit and sand all wood work to a smooth finish. Wipe the entire piece with a soft cloth soaked in mineral spirits, and remove all sawdust. Apply a 25% mineral spirits to 75% varnish coat to the coat rack. Allow to dry thoroughly, and then sand lightly with 220 grit sand paper. Apply a 50-50% solution of mineral spirits and varnish and when thoroughly dried, sand lightly with 220 grit sand paper. Apply a final coat of 100% varnish, allow to dry and rub out with 0000 grade steel wool.

Step 4, Attach Hardware

Depending on desired effect, add hardware to hang items of clothing. Choose from single or double coat hooks, and attach to all four side of the standing coat rack. Attach with screws that are included with coat hooks.