Building a Three-Board Fence

What You'll Need
Wood boards
Some Wood posts
Nails and Hammer
Post Driver

If you want a safe and long lasting fence, you can build a three-board wood fence. As with any wood fence, it will also require board replacement and repainting from time to time. Three-board fencing is considered a stylish type of fence as well as a secure and quality fence. Here, we are presenting suggestions and tips on how to build such a fence in a professional way. The project requires effort and time but it is a relatively affordable project.

Step 1 – Preparation

Before starting with the fence, you need to plan the fencing layout carefully. Lay out a fence line using a string. Make sure that the string is completely straight. Mark all feet where you will be placing the wood posts, but you should measure the marks properly and according to the purpose of the fence. If you are going to install a gate for people you can measure marks of 4 to 6 inches, but if you plan to install gates for machines and equipment the spaces should be more than 14 inches.

Step 2 – Choose the Proper Wood

If you want to build a long lasting and durable wood fence you should try to find the best and most durable wood available in the area and use them as wood posts. Make sure that you select pressure-treated woods if possible. You should choose wood posts that are quite long. The posts you are installing should be more than 5 feet above the ground. The woods you will select should be 4 to 6 inches in diameter, but if you are installing gates the posts should be larger.

Step 3 – Use a Post Driver

You should rent or find a post driver and have the posts driven, because this way they will be stronger compared to posts that are dug in to holes. Many people think that cementing the posts is the best solution, but actually this is necessary only when you will install gates. But in any case, you should keep in mind that if you need to replace the posts you will have a hard time if you cement them. Drive the posts below the frost line, but make sure that the gate posts are driven deeper than the others.

Step 4 – Nail the Boards

Take the wood boards and nail them to the inside part of the posts. Make sure that you space the boards properly ensuring that the fence is at least 6 feet tall.

Step 5 – Install the Gates

The most durable and affordable option for the fencing gates are the tubular gates – preferably made of steel. Once you install the posts and boards let the fence weather for some time and then you can paint or stain it.

Extra Tip

If you want to secure the fencing you can add an electrical tape or wire; it all depends on the purpose of the fencing. If so, you will need to install a ground system as well.