Building a Tool Shed Interior: 7 Ideas

Shed in a yard

Having a tool shed on your property doesn't mean you need to store tools in it. Developing the interior of your tool shed can give way to many more uses for it. This article presents a few ideas for your shed's interior.

1. Changing Room

If you have a pool, you can convert your vertical tool shed into a pool house. Paint the interior of the shed a light color to make it look bright and cheery. Add benches to sit on. Build closets to hang clothing, shelving for towels, and hampers to store wet clothing.

2. Work Room

drill and construction supplies

Since this is already a tool shed, you can easily make it into a work room. Add several wood tables along the walls, affix peg boards with hooks, and install electric wiring. You will be able to assemble things on the tables, use your power tools and store your equipment.

3. Seasonal Storage

If you are an avid decorator for the holidays, you have probably collected quite a few seasonal decorations. You can use your garden tool shed as a storage area for all these items. All you will need are storage bins and shelving units. The average shed will even provide enough room to keep the Christmas tree assembled so you never have to take it down.

4. Utility Storage

To make a good utility storage shed, you will need a basic electrical wiring package. Include stainless steel work tables, peg board, and hooks as well as some shelving space. If you are an avid bike rider, you can include a bicycle rack inside the shed. If you are really handy, consider building an overhead storage area with a pull-down ladder (if the height of your shed will allow for it).

5. Office Space

desk with computer, coffee, paper, and phone

You can turn your shed into an office by first installing insulation, then a basic electrical package and plywood walls. Paint the shed inside and out. Decorate it as you please and get ready to make it your own. Place a desk inside the shed along with a comfortable chair, computer, and filing cabinets.

6. Gardening Shed

Customize your tool shed into a place to store and work with your gardening supplies. Add a workbench, complete with lower shelves and drawers. Include wall shelves, a tool rack, and a storage cabinet. Wire the shed for electricity with an overhanging light. Attach window screens for added air flow and slap on some paint as well as a vinyl floor for easy cleaning.

7. Private Getaway

You can calm the stress of life if you have your own getaway. First add electricity, insulation and interior walls. If you have the money, you could even add heat and air conditioning. Put a fresh coat of paint on the inside and outside of the shed. Add some plants, a vinyl floor and seating. Decorate the interior however you want because it is your private sanctuary.