Building a Trellis for Your Pole Beans Building a Trellis for Your Pole Beans

What You'll Need
Eight thin 6-foot longbamboo, wood poles
Strong twine or string
Small shovel

Fresh pole beans are a delightful summer treat that you can grow yourself with the aid of a trellis. Building a trellis for your pole beans is an easy process that can allow you to produce your own fresh beans. By constructing a trellis of thin poles in either a vertical sheet or conical teepee shape, you will be able to create the perfect environment for the vines to thrive and produce an impressive harvest. Growing your own beans requires very few tools and materials, so it's much more economical than buying them at the store. Here are some simple steps to follow for a great pole bean trellis.

Step 1-Preparing the Poles

For a successful pole bean trellis you will want to make sure that your poles are strong enough to support your vines. The vines will not be extremely heavy, but the poles must still be thick enough to hold them up. You don't want to use poles which are unnecessarily thick and too heavy themselves for the twine to hold them together. For the best results use one half to one inch thick poles. Bamboo poles are hollow, which makes them ideal in strength and weight, although wooden poles will also work.

Step 2-Choosing Your Design

You will be constructing one of two types of trellises: the tee-pee or the vertical sheet. If you are growing against a fence or structure you will want to use the vertical sheet construction. If you are plan on growing away from a secondary support structure, you will want to use the freestanding tee-pee structure. You can also create a freestanding A-frame structure by leaning two vertical sheet trellises together.

Step 3-Digging Holes for the Poles

If you are using the tee-pee design, dig eight 6-inch deep holes evenly spaced in a circle. Make sure that the circle is wide enough to give enough spacing for your plants, but not too wide for the poles to lean against each other. A four foot circumference is a good size.

If you are using the vertical sheet design, simply dig a 6-foot long, 6-inch deep trench about 2 feet from the structure or fence that the trellis will lean against.

Step 4-Connecting the Poles

It is vital that the poles be tied together very tightly in order to prevent your trellis from falling apart, due to wear and the increasing weight of your vines. If you are using the tee-pee design, put one end of each pole into each of the holes and then tie the other ends together with the twine or string, creating a cone shape with the tip sticking straight up. When tying, make sure to wrap each pole several times and pull the twine or string tight.

If you are using the vertical sheet design, lay four of the poles on the ground, parallel to each other about a foot apart. Once these four poles are in place, lay the other four across them creating a six foot grid. Using the twine or string, tie the poles together tightly at each crossing point. Once the poles are secured together, lift the trellis and place one side into the trench and lean the other against the secondary support structure.

Once your tee-pee or vertical sheet trellis is in place, fill in the trench or holes with dirt and pack it down tight. You're ready to start growing your own pole beans!

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