Building A Waterbed Frame Building A Waterbed Frame

The waterbed frame is what sits on top of the pedestal and holds the waterbed Mattress. It is very easy to construct a simple frame.


  •  Timber sheet to make rectangle 84inches x 64inches
    •    2 pieces timber 84 inches x 8 inches x 2 inches
    •    2 pieces timber 60 inches x 8 inches x 2 inches
    •    C clamps
    •    Drill
    •    Countersink bit
    •    2 inch wood screws
    •    3 inch wood screws

Step 1 – Mark the frame sides

At each end of both of the 84 inch long piece mark a line an inch from the end -
along each of these lines mark points at 1 inch, 3 inches, 5 inches and 7 inches.

Step 2 – Drill screw holes

Drill through the ends (at 90º) at each of these points a hole just big enough to accept a 3 inch wood screw.

Step 3 – Countersink the holes

With the counter sink bit create a shoulder in the holes on the outside face of each piece so that a screw driven home will finish slightly below the surface of the timber

Step 4 – Lay the base

Lay the base boards on the floor butted together as they will be to form the base and mark a line one inch from the edge of the baseboard on all four sides.

Step 5 – Mark position of screw holes

On the long sides mark each line at 7, 21, 35, 49, 63 and 77inches and on the short sides mark each line at 6, 18, 30, 42 and 54 inches

Step 6 – Drill the holes

Drill through the base boards at these points a hole just big enough to accept a 2 inch wood screw. Counter-sink these holes from the base (lower) side so that the screws will drive to just below the surface of the board.

Step 7 – Build the frame

Lay out the four sides of the frame to make a rectangle with the shorter ends being fitted between the ends of the longer sides. The counter sunk holes will all show on the outside of the frame.

Step 8 – Make the first corner

Being careful to keep the edges level, use C clamps to hold the two pieces of timber at right angles to each other using a piece of wood across the corner to form an ‘A’ shape. Carefully drive 3 inch wood screws into each of the three holes ensuring that they finish with the heads slightly below the surface of the timber.

Step 9 – Release the C clamps

Release the C clamps and check that the angle is still 90º.

Step 10 – Complete the corners

Use the same process to complete the base frame by driving 3 inch screws into each of the other holes after clamping the pieces in the same way.

Step 11 – Fit the base board.

Lay the frame on the floor and place the base boards on top of it. (The counter sunk holes will be facing upwards) Line up the boards precisely with the edges and then fix them to the frame by driving 2 inch wood screws into each of the prepared holes until the heads are slightly below the level of the timber.

Step 12 – Turn the frame over

You now have a frame that will accept an 80 inch x 60 inch queen size bed and that can lie directly on the floor or be fitted to a plinth.

For extra strength you could have applied wood glue between the sides and the base boards but it isn’t necessary



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