Building a White Jewelry Armoire Building a White Jewelry Armoire

What You'll Need
White Paint
Paint Brush
Paint Tray
Metal Sliders
Small Nails
Tiny Drawer Knobs
Velvet Cloth

A white jewelry armoire is a fine cabinet for you to keep your baubles and trinkets. Many women are fond of collecting and buying precious to semi-precious jewelry and through the years may amass a huge collection. Due to the nature of jewelry, these precious items needs to be stored and place in a perfect little spot to keep them from being ravaged by the sands of time and even constant rubbing with your other baubles that may cause lackluster, scuffs and even breakage. One of the highlights of making your own jewelry armoire is that you can build it to fit your collection especially your odd-shaped jewelry.

Step 1 – Designing Your Jewelry Armoire

The first thing to do is to design your jewelry armoire. You need to think of how many drawers you would need. You may think that I only need eight drawers for my present collection, but you also have to look into the future that you may have added some more to your collection, so it would be best to have some extra drawers, just in case. The usual average measurement of an armoire is 35-inches tall and 30-inches wide with a leg length of 9-inches high. Take into consideration the height of each drawer to fit your odd-sized or oddly shaped brooches, necklaces or pendants. As you create your design, do not forget to include the measurements, since this will be the basis for your actual armoire.

Step 2 – Wood Processing

The next step of the process is buying the wood for your jewelry armoire. Since you already have the specifications for your armoire, you can just tell the wood store and they will provide the wood needed. Then, you can start measuring and cutting up the wood to fit the specifications of your panels, armoire legs and drawers. Any rough edges that you find on the wood, you can smoothen it with a sand paper. 

Step 3 – Fitting up the Pieces

After you have cut and sanded the wood, you can now begin fitting up the panels together by nailing the back portion of the armoire with the side panels. Then nail the top and bottom portion of the armoire and lastly you attach the legs of the armoire. 

Step 4 – Painting it White

You can now start painting your armoire with white paint. You can use some putty to cover up blemishes on your wood like nail heads or cracks to ensure a seemingly seamless paint job.

Step 5 – Drawer and Front Panel Installation

Once the paint has dried up, you can now install the metal sliders to the side panels of the armoire and then add the drawers as designed. Then add the hinges on the front sides of the armoire and lastly install the front panels that act to open and close your armoire. You can finish up by adding tiny drawer knobs and a slightly bigger knob to your armoire front.

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