Building a Window Box out of Cedar

What You'll Need
(3) Cedar Planks; 4-foot long by 4-inches wide and 1/4-inch thick
Electric screwdriver
Plastic plant liners
Plant soil
Miscellaneous flowering plants
Work table or other hard surface
Sand paper, medium grit

When you purchase a window box at a store you usually wind up with something made from plastic or substandard wood. The following steps will show you how build your own cedar window box for flowers.

Step 1: How Big Will it Be

Prior to building the box determine how big you want it. First, choose where the box will be resting. Next, measure the length and width of the area. For the sake of this how-to the window box we're going to make will be 2-foot long and 4-inches wide.

Step 2: Working with the Cedar

Working with cedar can be a hassle as the wood can splinter easily. First, use your ruler and, on one of the cedar planks, measure 2 feet in from an end and draw line. The 4-foot long piece of cedar is already cut to size. These will be the front and back pieces. Next, on the second cedar plank measure in from an end 4 inches; draw a line and then measure in another 4 inches and draw another line. Now, on the third piece of cedar plank drill several 1/4-inch holes leaving a 3/4-inch border around the plank.

Step 3: Sawing the Cedar Planks

It is important to use slow and methodical strokes on the saw when working with cedar. First, clamp the piece to be cut to your work surface. Next, slowly saw the pieces of cedar plank until each piece is cut. Now, sand the cut edges of the cut pieces to get a smooth surface.

Step 4 - Putting it Together

If you wish to use nails, you can but screws make the cedar box stronger under pressure. First, clamp the bottom (the one with the holes) of the window box to your work surface with a short end facing up. Next, take one of your end pieces and place it on the 1/4-inch thick end of the bottom and attach it with the screws every 1 1/2-inch. Now, turn the bottom over to the other short end and repeat. Next, place the bottom on its side on the work surface. Now, place a long piece of cedar on top and screw in place; flip over and repeat with the remaining piece. Finally, stain the cedar window box.

Step 6 - Using the Cedar Window Box

There is no waiting to use this project as it is now completed. First, place your plastic liner inside the window box and trim it if you have to. Next, fill the liner with the potting soil about halfway from the top. Now, add your flowering plants to the window box. Finally, cover the roots with more potting soil and pack it down lightly then water.