Building a Wood Picnic Bench Building a Wood Picnic Bench

What You'll Need
Measuring ruler
Carpenters square
Sanding block
Treated board 2 by 10 inches by 6 feet long
Treated board 2 by 4 inches by 8 feet long
8 bolts 4 inch each
4 nuts for the bolts
2 angle brackets
2 corner brackets

Building a wood picnic bench is easy and really not time consuming. Moreover, building a strong bench will cost you half the price of buying one and you will only need a few materials.

Step 1 – Preparation

The first thing you will be doing is to prepare the 6 foot board to act as a bench seat. So get your sanding block and carefully sand all its surfaces making sure to smooth out any edges without creating splinters. It is important to be gently with edges because they may splinter easily.

Step 2 – Cutting the Legs

Now you will be preparing the legs. Get the measuring ruler, pencil and the 8 foot board. Measure up and make markings with your pencil dividing the board into 4 sections of 2 feet in length each. You will now cut them down by using the handsaw. Once you are ready you should have 4 pieces of wood of the same size.

Step 3 – Preparing the Legs

Now get the 4 legs and place them in pairs on top of each other. You will now be marking the spot where the brackets will be placed. So get pencil and measuring ruler and mark an "X" by doing diagonal lines from one edge to the other. The diagonals should measure 10 inches.

Step 4 – Placing the Brackets

You will now be drilling a hole in the center of the 4 boards for the brackets. Place the bracket on top of the board exactly at the cross-point (where the diagonals meet to form the "X"). Next bring your drill and drill a hole at the center so that you can then insert the bolt. Once the hole is ready you can place the bolt in the new holes, through the bracket and tighten it with a nut. Repeat this step for the second pair of legs.

Step 5 – Attaching the Bench Seat

Once the legs are ready you can start working on attaching the bench seat to the legs. Get the bench seat and place it in a horizontal position on a flat surface. Place the legs at least 3 inches inwards from the edge of the seat in a vertical position to form "L" shapes. You can now drill holes in the bracket and bench seat, place the bolt and secure with a nut. Remember to place the bolts at least 1inch inwards from the edges to avoid cracks in the wood. Repeat this step for the second pair of legs.

At this point you have finished your bench project. This is the easiest way to build a sturdy wood picnic bench. Remember that you can replace the traditional brackets with folding brackets so that when ready from the bench you can fold the legs neatly and tuck the bench in storage.

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