Building A Wood Retaining Wall: Choosing Wood Types

There are many kinds of different retaining walls, but a wood retaining wall can add a great rustic feel to your overall landscaping. The wood you choose can create an elegant yet simple wall

Standard Lumber

For temporary or very small retaining walls, you can use simple 2x4 or 2x6 lumber. These pieces are usually used in raised planting beds. Keep in mind that this type of lumber is not very weather-resistant and so must be treated each year.

Special-Treated Lumber

Much like building a deck, a retaining wall needs to be protected from the elements. Treated lumber will help you keep your retaining wall for much longer.

Timber Posts

These can come in many different width and sizes. However, when adding strength to a wood retaining wall, a full timber can be almost immovable. Choosing cedar timbers would be best as they are naturally resistant to weather.