Building a Wood Storage Cart

What You'll Need
2 Metal rods
4 wheels
Tape measure
4 wooden square posts

A storage cart for use in the home or outside in the garden can go a long way to get you organized and efficient. A storage cart can be made of either wood or metal. This article will show you how to build a simple wooden storage cart.

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting

Determine what you want to use the storage cart for. If you'll be using it outside the size may differ than if you're using it indoors. A beverage cart, for instance, doesn't have to be the same size as a cart where you'd place a large bag of fertilizer. Also decide how tall you want the storage cart to be as this will determine how many levels you want to have on the cart. Once you've decided on these sizes you can now transfer those measurements to the plywood. The sheets you cut from the plywood will become the bottom of the cart levels. Also decide how deep you wish the storage levels to be. Cut out strips of plywood the same length as the bottoms and as wide as the depth you decided. You'll need four for each shelf you have. Finally, cut the wooden posts to the height you need for the cart. You will need four of these to act as the legs.

Step 2: Putting the Shelves Together

Gather the bottoms together as well as the sides you cut from the plywood. Use the wood glue and place a thin line along one edge of a bottom section. Now, place one of the sides flush against the bottom section. Nail the side piece to the bottom section placing a nail every few inches. Repeat with each side until you have a shallow box. If you have scrap wood left you can place a several pieces along the bottom to sandwich the sides and the original bottom piece together. Repeat with each bottom section that you have until they are all built.

Step 3: The Wheels

A wooden storage cart is no use if you cannot move it. On each of the four wooden posts use the saw to create a notch on the bottom of each piece which runs the width of them. Make sure they are all even and line up. Expand the notches to be slightly larger than the thickness of the metal rods. Attach the wheels to the metal rod once you have measured and cut the length of the rods to be slightly larger than the width of the storage cart.

Step 4: Attaching the Shelves

Place two of the posts on the floor and line a shelf up to where you want it to be. Nail the shelf directly to the two posts. Repeat with the other shelves before adding the second set of legs.

Step 5: Finishing

You may sand the cart then paint it. Place the cart on top of the metal rods so the rods are in the notches.