Building a Wood Stovepipe Building a Wood Stovepipe

Building a wooden stovepipe is something that you can do yourself in a single weekend. The first consideration that you need to make when it comes to building a wood stovepipe is what type of materials you will need.


You will need different steel gauges, between 22 gauge and 26 gauge, to build a wood stovepipe. These are strong gauges that resist warping as a result of heat. They are also capable of coming in single wall designs with all kinds of different finishes.


Attach the right type of pipe to the stove that you already have to build your stovepipe. You are going to need to measure the distance from the stove to the chimney flue, attaching a brace that will allow the pipe to be received at the chimney opening. Stoves are also going to require a specified amount of distance between the chimney and the stove, so figure this out before you do any building or modifying.

There are plenty of different sizes of stove pipes out there so make sure that you are using the right equipment when you buy your stovepipe conversion equipment.

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