Building a Wooden Carport: Mistakes to Avoid Building a Wooden Carport: Mistakes to Avoid

Two options you may have for keeping your car out of direct UV rays and precipitation are to build a garage or a wooden carport. Even if you can afford to buy the material needed for a garage, it is unlikely that you will have the experience required to build it yourself. A carport, however, may be within your budget and your expertise. When building a wooden carport, you should also know how to avoid some of the more common mistakes such as those below.

Avoid Building an Undersized Carport

The vehicle you plan to park in your wooden carport may be initially smaller than the average car when you build your carport. Take into consideration the possibility of purchasing a longer car or even a king pickup in the future. Your carport will need to be large enough to house any vehicle you may acquire and you should avoid building small to save on material cost.

Avoid Using Sub-Standard Material for Your Carport Posts

Your carport posts will be the most important of your construction project components because they will carry the weight of all your carport wood and roofing. And they must hold up to the possible weight of snow and the force of strong winds, so avoid using those made of flimsy, knotty, or low quality materials.

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