Building a Zip Line for Your Child's Outdoor Play Area Building a Zip Line for Your Child's Outdoor Play Area

What You'll Need
Post beam
Nylon cord or rope
4 Metal stakes
Zip line pulley
Ladder or side ladder

If your child craves an adventurous outdoor experience, you can build a zip line in your backyard. This can be done easily, especially if you have some strategically placed trees in your backyard, but you may also build some supporting structures. However, when building the zip line, it’s essential to bear in mind your child’s safety.

Step 1 – Identify the Start and End Points

Identify the start and end points of the zip line. The zip line can be placed between two trees, but if your trees are not strategically placed, you will have to build one or two structures. You may use your house as a departing point.

Step 2 – Build Sturdy Structures

Choose a sturdy post beam, which should be placed in a concrete base. The concrete will ensure that the weight of the structure is concentrated in the lower area, so the structure is robust. You can get a post beam and pour some concrete around it. Allow the concrete to dry before you carry on building the zip line.

Step 3 – Install Metal Stakes

Install the metal stakes using a mallet at the front and back of the departure and arrival points. The metal stakes at the arrival point should be lower than the stakes at the departure point. However, make sure that the point is not much lower from the starting point, as otherwise your child could build up too much speed, and this may be dangerous.

Step 4 – Attach the Nylon Cord

Cut the nylon cord, to the length between the departure and arrival points and add two more feet of cord for the knots. Attach the nylon cord to the metal stakes located at the front and back of each point. Do this in a circle. Secure the nylon cord in place to prevent sagging.

Step 5 – Put the Harness and Pulley in Place

Place the harness and pulley onto the nylon cord. Ensure that the nylon cord is high enough to prevent your child from reaching the ground. Make sure the cord is not too high either, so that your child is safe at all times.

Step 6 – Place the Ladder

Place a ladder or a side ladder near the house/tree or starting point structure of the zip line, so that your child can have access to the zip line. Make sure the ladder is secured whenever your child is climbing to the zip line. Hold the ladder while your child is climbing.

Do a test run and make sure your child is not at risk while using the zip line. Always supervise your child when he is playing on the zip line and don’t forget to give him a helmet to protect his head. Check the cord before each go, as the cord may stretch and you will need to adjust it or retighten it. 

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