Building an Arbor Bench for the Garden

What You'll Need
An old bench with a seat back and arm rests
4x8, 12-foot long lattice panel
1-inch nails
Wood sealer
4x4-inch, 12-foot long (4)
1x1-inch, 8-foot long (6)

Having a garden is a wonderful addition to any home but enjoying by adding an arbor bench to the landscaping plans can enhance that enjoyment. It may surprise you that building a garden arbor bench, especially if the bench is one that you recycle, is so easy. The following article will show you how to build an arbor bench using an existing bench.

Step 1 - Sizing the Arbor and Cutting the Wood

Since you are using an old bench the sizing of the arbor is incredibly easy. Use your measuring tape and measure the width of the bench from the front of one leg to the back of the other on the same side. Use this measurement to determine the length of the arbor's cross beams.

Decide the height of the arbor then measure and cut each of the 4x4-inch pieces of lumber to match that measurement. Use your measuring tape and make a mark every foot from the top down to the bottom. Each of these marks is where you will place a cross beam.

On the 1x1-inch pieces of wood use the measurements you took previously to cut the pieces of wood to those lengths. Count how many marks you made on the 4x4-inch pieces of wood and make double that many out of the 1x1-inch piece.

You will also need to make sure that the arbor won't fall down so you need to make support beams to square off the top of the arbor. Measure the length of the bench and cut a piece of the 4x4-inch lumber to that length.

Step 2 - Assembling the Sides

This is where the most difficulty can happen so be careful as you assemble the sides of the arbor.

Lay one of the 4x4-inch side pieces down on the ground. Place one cross beam at the top mark you made and nail it in place with the smaller nails.

Continue placing and nailing in place the cross beams on this piece of lumber. Place the second 4x4-inch side under the cross beams and nail them in place. Repeat with the second side.

Measure the height of the assembled side and transfer that measurement to the lattice and cut if you have to. Line one piece of lattice on each and nail in place.

Step 3 - Connecting the Arbor

Now that the arbor is assembled you can now put it together with the bench.

Take one side and stand it up so that is flush to the side of the bench with the lattice work facing out. Clamp in place then repeat with the second assembled side.

Attach the sides to the legs of the bench with several nails starting at the bottom and working your way up every four inches. Repeat on the second side and remove the clamps.

Place one support beam in the front and the back at the top to connect both sides and nail in place.