Building an ATV Quad Bike: Wheels and Tires Building an ATV Quad Bike: Wheels and Tires

What You'll Need
ATV jack
Vegetable oil
Flathead screwdriver
Strap ratchet
Air source

Building an ATV quad bike is a very challenging process. However, this project can be done by yourself, and is fun, interesting, and well worth your time.

The key is to not get discouraged throughout any of the process. Below you will find  the steps to help you in installing the tires on your new ATV.

Step 1 - Get the Rims

First off you will obviously need a something to place your wheels onto. If you already have rims, great, then move onto step 2. If you need to purchase rims yet, do so by making sure the rims you purchase are the right fit for your ATV.

Step 2 - Jack it Up

Next, you will want to make it easier to work on by lifting your ATV up a bit. This is done by using a jack. There are different types of jacks you can use, however for the best result use an ATV jack, these are jacks that are specifically made just for ATV, and will give you the best end result.

Step 3 - Vegetable Oil

This step is to make it easier for you, so it is not as demanding of your strength when putting the tire on the rim. You will want to apply some vegetable oil to the inner bead of the tire. This simply helps it slide onto the rim without exerting yourself.

Step 4 - Tire Meets Rim

After you have applied the vegetable oil, it is time to place your tire on your ATV rim. First slide the tire on as far as you can get it without using all your energy. Then you will want to use a flat head screwdriver to wedge between the rim and the tire. Push on the handle of the screwdriver to force the tire onto the rim.

Step 5 - Secure it

Now it's time to use a strap ratchet to attach to the circumference of the tire. This will make the sidewalls bow out, so you are one step closer to filling this tire with air.

Step 6 - Attach Bead to Rim

This is a simple step. All you need to do for this is to make sure the inner bead of the tire and the outer rim are securely attached. Now your tire is ready for some air.

Step 7 - Add the Air

Almost done, just a step after this one. In this step you will want to add some air to your tire. Keep the ratchet strap on until a little over halfway full, and then take the strap off. This will give you a better result in the end. You will of course want to test the air pressure before using this ATV. 

Step 8 - Lower it Down

The last and final step is to lower the ATV off the jack, and back onto the ground.

There you have it. Maybe one of the most easiest tasks in putting together your ATV. You are about ready to test your homemade ATV out. Get excited, and have some fun! 

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