Building an Eco Friendly Baby Changing Station Building an Eco Friendly Baby Changing Station

What You'll Need
Cloth diapers
Eco friendly baby wipes
Safe area for the changing
Waterproof mat

Eco friendly baby products are increasing in popularity dramatically. The costs of having and raising a baby are already quite high, both in terms of financial and energy expenditures. For that reason, many people who are energy conscious and interested in doing good for the environment have looked for ways to modify their baby care practices in order to save money and help protect the natural world. Fortunately, it can be very easy to change your baby changing station into an eco friendly setup. Additionally, this can help to save money.

Step 1 -- Determine the Site of the Changing Area

It's best to use a preexisting area for your baby changing station. This means that you should avoid purchasing a separate table other station to use; these products only take up space and are potentially bad for the environment. In fact, the safest place that you can use to change your baby's diapers on a regular basis is the floor. You can also use a bed, an existing table or any other flat surface with adequate room.

Step 2 -- Remove Any Electric Products

Many people use electric warmers for their baby changing stations. These can help to warm up the baby wipes and make your baby more comfortable. However, they also use up electricity and add to the costs of changing your baby's diapers. Instead of those electric warmers, use your hands to warm up any wipes before you use them for your baby. Simply rub the wipes in between your hands for a minute or so to build up friction and heat, then use them.

Look for any other electric products that can be removed. If you use a particular light for your baby changing station, consider buying an eco friendly light bulb to use in that space as well.

Step 3 -- Use Cloth Diapers and a Reusable Mat

Many people change a baby's diapers with disposable diapers and a disposable mat. While these products are more convenient to use, as they don't have to be cleaned, they are very bad for the environment and produce a great amount of waste. Use cloth diapers only and maintain a hamper or special area for the diapers. Wash them promptly and often. Use a reusable waterproof mat any time that you change your baby's diapers, and wash it regularly as well. By minimizing this equipment, you help to reduce the waste that you produce, as well as the impact on the environment.

Step 4 -- Get Rid of Powders

Do not use baby powders or other products. Instead, simply use a damp towel to clean your baby's body. If your baby suffers from rashes or other skin concerns, use environmentally friendly skin care products sparingly in order to address those issues.

Look for other ways that you can modify your baby's changing station in order to use less energy and produce less waste.

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