Building an Interlocking Retaining Wall: Mistakes to Avoid Building an Interlocking Retaining Wall: Mistakes to Avoid

Building an interlocking retaining wall is one of the easiest ways to keep your garden well-landscaped. These kinds of walls are often supplied in kits, and can be put together in a single day. However, despite their ease of use, they are sometimes prone to being mis-used, and this can lead to mistakes which cause the retaining wall to collapse or bulge in an unattractive manner.

Not Enough Foundation

The lack of good foundations is a common problem when building walls, and installing an interlocking retaining wall without a deep foundation can lead to a weakened wall. The foundation needs to be deep, and filled with stones, cinder blocks, or other large materials to prevent the weight of the wall pushing down into the ground.

Not Interlocking the Stones

When you have an interlocking retaining wall set, the best way to construct the wall is to follow the instructions. However, it can sometimes be very fiddly to make the wall this way, and some people make the mistake of ignoring the interlocking pieces. This can cause the wall to be unstable.


The interlocking retaining wall is designed to secure a landscaped hill of earth. If the wall is not strong enough, too much earth can slip, bulging through the wall, and even knocking it over.

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