How to Build an L-Shaped Desk

What You'll Need
4 sheets of 7 x 4 3/4 plywood
4 V brackets,
2 wood connectors
at least 50 - 1" flathead screws
What You'll Need
4 sheets of 7 x 4 3/4 plywood
4 V brackets,
2 wood connectors
at least 50 - 1" flathead screws

Adding an L-shaped desk to your home office will give you all the work space that you need while maximizing room usage. By following the steps below you can build your own basic L shape desk with bookcases.

Step 1 - Cut Your Wood

You will need to cut the following pieces from the plywood sheets:

  • 66" x 18" and 48" x 18" from the same sheet.
  • 40" x 48"
  • 84" x 40"
  • 4 - 15" x 17"
  • 4 - 40" x 17"

Step 2 - Paint

Paint or varnish the wood pieces before assembling the desk. It will be easier to paint each individual piece before assembling to make sure that everything is painted.

Step 3 - Prep Wood for Assembly

Once the paint has dried, use a drill bit one size smaller than your screws to screw two starter holes 2 inches deep on one end of the 17" side of the 40" x 17" pieces. Put starter holes on the both ends of the 15" side of the 15" x 17" pieces.

Step 4 - Assemble Side Bookcase

Using the starter holes on the 15" x 17" pieces as guides attach the first one so it forms a floor between two 40" x 17" pieces. Be sure to face the guides holes of the 40" x 17" facing up as they will be used later for connecting the desktop. Be sure to screw into the guide holes. Now place the second 15" x 17" exactly 20" up the 40" side.

Step 5 - Assemble Second Bookcase

Repeat the previous step then choose one end of this shelving unit to be the back and drill 3 starter holes in the back to attach the backboard. Set one 40" x 15" x 17" cube aside for now.

Step 6 - Attach Backboard to Short Side of L Shape Desk

Take the 48" x 40" backboard piece and attach it flush with one of the cubes so the cube lines up at the left side of the backboard. Now use the guide holes on the back of the cube to screw the two together.

Step 7 - Attach Backboard to Long Side of L Shape Desk

Repeat the above step only using the 84" x 40" backboard piece with the other cube, attaching that cube to the right side of the longer backboard.

Step 8 - Connect 2 Backboards to Form the L

Put 3 guide holes on the far end of 40" side of the longer backboard and then attach the two backboards at that seam to form the beginnings of your L.

Step 9 - Attach Desktop to Short Side of L

Place 4 guide holes spaced evenly down the top edge of the short backboard piece and 2 with-in 17 inches of the L corner on the longer piece. Place the 48" x 18" on top of the short end to form the desktop. Use the guide holes along the backboard to secure the desktop in place.

Step 10 - Attach Desktop to Long Side of L

Follow the same procedure for the larger section of desktop only using one or two more screws along the longer backboard.

Step 11 - Secure Desktop to Backboard

The 3 V brackets can now be installed to form braces between the backboard and desktop.

Step 12 - Secure Short and Long Desk Top Section

The 2 connectors should be used to connect the two sections of desktop for extra sturdiness.