Building an Outdoor Firewood Caddy Building an Outdoor Firewood Caddy

What You'll Need
Tape measure
2' X 64" piece of 3/8" plywood or fiberboard
(8) 2 X 4's 6' long, (4) 24" long
Power saw
4x6 Wire mesh
Wire snip tool
Galvanized wood screws and staples
Power drill

Building a firewood caddy can not only be helpful for you to store firewood in a place that's convenient to access from your house during cold winter months, but it will also allow you to keep the bottom layers of your firewood off the ground and help prevent it from rotting.



Step 1 - Choosing a Caddy Design

Planning the design of your caddy in advance will give you greater assurance that your caddy will be the size you need. Use a paper or drawing pad to sketch your caddy. This planning will help you determine:

  • amount of wood you will be able to stack in your finished caddy
  • length of 2x4s you'll need to build the caddy
  • whether you will want separate sections for kindling and larger pieces of wood

The model caddy we're describing in this 5-step building instruction is 6' long, 2' deep, 6' high, and will have only one section.

Step 2 - Constructing Your Caddy Frame

Make a wood square by placing on a flat surface (2) 2x4s, each 6' long. These pieces will be placed parallel with each other and 6' apart. Now place (2) 6' 6" 2x4s vertically at each end of the parallel pieces, so that both ends of the vertical pieces extend 6" beyond the parallel pieces. Attach all these pieces together to form a 6' X 6' square, using your drill and screws.

Attach another 24" board at the bottom of these two squares similar to the way you attached the top piece. When finished, you should now have a frame in the shape of a frame.

Step 3 - Create a Support for Your Caddy

When finished building your caddy frame attach a 30" 2 X 4 diagonally across the top left corner of the outside square. Now attach another diagonal board 30" 2x4 to the upper right corner of the frame. These diagonal boards, when screwed into place, will act as supports to help keep the frame from collapsing.


Step 4 - Attach the Wire Mesh

With your wire snips, cut two pieces of wire mesh, each 2x6. Attach each piece to an end of the caddy, using galvanized staples. This will mesh will keep the cut wood from falling out of the caddy.

Step 5 - Build a Floor for the Caddy

Place the plywood or fiberboard piece evenly on the two bottom 2x4s of the caddy, forming a floor. Then, attach it, using your drill and galvanized screws.

When finished, you will be ready to begin loading firewood into your caddy. In cutting your wood, try to cut the pieces all slightly less than 24," so they will fit better in your caddy and allow you to store more wood in it.

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