Building an Outdoor Gazebo over Water

What You'll Need
Strong wood (such as oak)
Measuring tape
Outdoor gazebos create an elegance focal point in your backyard or garden. If you have a pond in your yard, consider placing the gazebo over it as a sort of covered bridge where you can pass the time with family and friends. To build a beautiful, study gazebo, you’re going to need to select a long-lasting type of wood that is strong enough to hold the weight of the gazebo plus the people in it. You're also going to need precise measurements and cut the wood accordingly. One mishap could lead to serious injury or even death, so make sure everything is perfect.

Step 1: Measuring

This step must be done without error. Place a mark in the ground mapping the blueprint of the gazebo. Measure the whole area where the gazebo itself is going to be and then measure where the posts are going, and the distance between them. After the measurements are done and double checked, mark the measurements on the wood and start cutting. Cut the wood as precisely as possible.

Step 2: Install the Floor

After the wood is measured and cut, its time to start laying the wood down on your marks. The first part of the gazebo that should be put down is the floor, so you have something to walk on and go off of when the walls need to be put up. Get the planks you cut, and set them on the marks between all of the posts, all the way across until you have room for no more. Be sure to nail them down as you go so that will be out of the way. The floor must be supported with floor joists, so no one will fall through the floor if they are hopping around on the gazebo.

Step 3: Put Together the Gazebo

Now that the floors are down, the rest of the gazebo can be built and attached to the floor. The easiest way is to buy a gazebo construction kit from the local hardware store. All the rest of the pieces will be included with the kit. The instructions should be included for easy access and be simple to understand. Attach the walls to the floor and secure with screws, which should be able to hold the wall's weight. After the walls are up, you're able to get on the roof and install shingles. Now all that’s left is securing the gazebo to the floor and placing it over your pond.

Step 4: Pond

To put the gazebo over the pond, you will need to cut away a piece of the surrounding land and set the gazebo on it. Lastly, build a bridge from the land to the entryway of the gazebo and you're done.