Building an Outdoor Kitchen Bar: Integrated Liquor Cabinets Building an Outdoor Kitchen Bar: Integrated Liquor Cabinets

What You'll Need
Bricks and Mortar
Concrete Nails
Grout Spreader

Building an outdoor kitchen bar with integrated liquor cabinets is a task you can perform easily to add visual appeal and storage to your backyard. For this bar we will use brick and tile, but you can build an outdoor bar out of many different materials, such as pretreated lumber, covered plywood, stone, granite or metal.

Step 1 – The Foundation

The first thing you need to do is create or check the foundation of the bar. If you are installing your outdoor bar onto an existing patio or deck, make sure the area you have chosen is level, sturdy and secure. If you do not have a patio or deck, then you could lay concrete to create a foundation.

Step 2 – The Base

The next step is to create the base of the bar. First, chalk an outline on your foundation that will be the guideline for your base. Lay your first line of bricks along three of the four perimeter lines on your foundation, leaving a ¼ inch space between each brick. You need to create a bar base with three sides--the front and both sides of the bar. Do not brick the back perimeter line; instead, leave the backside open to create a storage area within the base. After laying the first brick row, spread a thin layer of mortar across the top of each brick. Next, lay the second row of bricks in staggered formation from the first row, making sure to wipe any excess mortar that oozes out from between the bricks. Continue this process until you have created a bar base approximately 4 foot tall. A 4 foot height is tall enough to prevent children and pets from accessing the bar top but low enough to keep the height comfortable.

Step 3 – Create a Bar Top

After completing the base, you can install the top of the bar. Begin by cutting your plywood to fit over the top of your base. Secure the plywood to the brick base by using concrete nails. Now, spread a very thin layer of mortar onto the top of the plywood. Place the tile onto the mortar in any pattern or style you choose, leaving small gaps surrounding each piece of tile. The tile must set for at 8 hours before proceeding. Next, mix your grout with water until it reaches a milkshake like consistency and then pour the grout directly over the tile. Use a grout spreader to spread the grout over the entire top of the bar, making sure to fill the gaps between each piece of tile. After waiting 10 minutes, gently wipe the grout off the tiles using a dampened sponge. Allow the grout 10 hours to set and dry.

Step 4 – Liquor Cabinets

You can now install plywood shelves inside the base to form a liquor cabinet. Cut each piece of plywood to fit inside the base and attach to the bricks with concrete nails. Be sure not to place the shelves too close together so that your bottles and glasses will fit between each shelf.

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