Building an Outdoor Kitchen Bar: Seating Building an Outdoor Kitchen Bar: Seating

What You'll Need
12x12 Wood Stock
Bar Stool Legs
Oak Strips
Wood Glue
Tape Measure
Jig Saw/Band Saw

Building an outdoor kitchen bar is a great project if you want to enhance your backyard entertaining space. By having an outdoor kitchen bar, you can lounge by the pool with your favorite drink, prepare meals for the whole family, or enjoy times with your extended friends and family with snacks, drinks, and good times hanging out by the pool. One of the things you need with an outdoor kitchen bar is bar seating. Here are some easy steps for building some bar seating.

Step 1: Purchase Materials

You are going to need to have some 12x12-inch oak stock to use as the seat of your bar stool. Along with this you will need some oak bar stock for the legs as well as some thinner pieces for the stretchers between the legs. 

Step 2: Measure Height for Stools

Use a tape measure and find out how tall you need to have your bar stools. Typically, they are going to be about 32 inches tall. However, if you have made your bar a little higher, then your measurements will need to be changed. 

Step 3: Cut Bar Stool Shape

With the 12x12 oak stock you need to cut out the desired shape of your stool. Outdoor kitchen bar stools are usually round in shape. Mark out your shape with a pencil and use a jig saw, or a band saw, to cut it out. Sand down the edges to give it a rounded over appearance. 

Step 4: Cut Legs

Use a router with a straight bit to cut out small squares on the bottom of your bar stool seat. You will need to have four smalls squares cut out for each of the legs. Measure the legs to be 12 inches shorter than the overall height of the bar stool. 

Step 5: Install Stretchers in Legs

Lay the legs on their sides and mark them all at the same location. You will need to cut out a small square to receive each of the stretcher pieces. Use a router with a straight edge bit. Clean out the holes of any wood shavings and apply glue to the stretcher ends. Insert them into the legs and place clamps around the stool to hold them in place until they dry.

Step 6: Install Legs

Once the stretchers dry, you can finish your bar stool seat by applying glue to the ends of the legs. Press them into the square cut outs on the seat and place something with a little bit of weight onto the seat while you stand the stool up. This will help compress the seat onto the legs until the glue dries. 

Step 7: Sand and Stain

After all of the glue pieces have dried, you will then need to sand down the legs and seat to get it ready for staining. Remove all the excess glue while sanding. Blow off all the sanding dust with an air hose, or wipe it down with a moist rag. Apply your preferred color stain with a foam brush and let it dry. Once the stool has finished drying you can use it at your outdoor kitchen bar.

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