Building an Outdoor Kitchen: Cabinets and Storage Building an Outdoor Kitchen: Cabinets and Storage

What You'll Need
Hammer and nails
Doorknobs, screws and screwdrivers
Paint and gloves

An outdoor kitchen is perhaps one of the best types of furniture that you can have built on your backyard. It can provide you a good place to hold cookouts; you can stay as chef for the night while not having to sacrifice conversations with your guests. However, the most unplanned features of such types of kitchens are the storage rooms. Because owners do not look into it with such detail, they end up creating clutter in the cabinets when it should be a place to organize tools and equipment needed for the outdoor kitchen.

Step 1 – Measure the Dimensions

When you have already determined what you want to place in the storage cabinets for your outdoor kitchen, it should be much easier for you to decide on their dimensions. Determine the length and height for each cabinet and then add 6 inches and 2 inches, respectively. The measurement of the width should depend on how long your items are.

Step 2 – Purchase Some Wood

Using the measurements that you have figured out, buy some wood for your cabinets. Also, take note that you may need some more wood for the legs of the cabinet as well as the edgings and other designs.

Step 3 – Prepare Other Tools

Aside from the saw used to cut wood, you may also need some paint to add a more elegant look to the cabinet of your outdoor kitchen. You may also want to consider purchasing other weatherproofing tools to protect your outdoor cabinets from the rain, the sun and the snow. Screws, nails, doorknobs, handles and the like are also needed to attach the cabinet parts to each other.

Step 4 – Measuring the Wood and Putting Them Together

Once you have all your materials ready, you can cut them down to size, basing on the previous measurements that you have already determined. Prepare the wood for the back, sides, top and bottom of the cabinet then attach them to each other using screws or nails. Cut another piece of wood that you will use as a cabinet door. You can choose to make one large door or cut them in half to make two smaller doors.

Step 5 – Attach Knobs and Add Design

Now that you have them all ready, it is time to attach doorknobs or handles on your cabinets. You should also put some edging at the top and bottom parts so that your cabinet doors will have somewhere to latch.

Step 6 – Add the Finishing Touches

If your cabinet is not part of a larger outdoor kitchen design, you can add legs to the base. Then, you may also want to paint the cabinet up to match the colors of your outdoor kitchen. Finishing it with a sealant and other weatherproofing elements is also necessary since your cabinet can get wet, be dried up and become weather-beaten eventually. Doing so does not only add beauty to your outdoor kitchen, but adds more years onto its life as well.

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