Building an Outdoor Kitchen: Integrated BBQ and Grill

What You'll Need
Concrete slab
Gas line or electrical connections
Blocks or natural stone slabs
Masonry adhesive
Galvanized steel panel

Building your own outdoor kitchen can be a great project, especially for people who love to prepare meals outdoors on patios and decks. Organizing parties and barbecues obviously involves preparing various types of food, and amongst the various kitchen accessories required, a barbecue and a grill are fundamental elements.

Step 1: Decide On the Location Or Area

First of all you need to decide where you will have your outdoor kitchen. Depending on the elements your kitchen will be made up of, you will need to consider certain factors. For instance, if you intend to have a sink, you need to carry out plumbing installations, and if the grill operates with gas, you will obviously need a gas line.

Step 2: Design

Once you decide on the location, you can draw a sketch of how and where you will integrate your BBQ and grill. List the dimensions you want according to the space available. Make sure to leave enough space to allow for the BBQ and grill, as there are various models and sizes available on the market.

Step 4: Purchase the Grill

Purchase the grill which best suits your requirements and preferences. There are various types to choose from, differing in style, size and how they operate. Remember to look for quality grills which are suitable for outdoor kitchens and of an adequate size.

Step 5: Making Use Of A Surrounding Unit

You can also purchase some basic metal parts which you can use to elaborate your bbq and grill a bit. Since you wish them to be integrated, you should purchase a gas grill insert which is specifically made for outdoor use. This can then be inserted in the bbq or made in such a way that it can slide in. A good idea is to first build a surrounding unit made from blocks such as York blocks, Dublin blocks and corner blocks. This should be built in a u-shape so that the bbq and grill unit will be placed in the enclosure. Then, install the wall caps and counter tops to finish it off. These can be fixed together with some masonry adhesive, whereas the stones have to be fixed with grout. Make sure you remove any excess grout and leave them to dry well before using your grill. You may wish to apply some sealer as well.

It is best to insert this island in between or next to the kitchen cabinets. You do not want the fire to be too near the cabinets, so the blocks used will be there as an insulator for the heat

Step 6: Place an Even Surface For the Grill

Place a concrete slab or any other similar material in the area where your BBQ and grill is to be installed since an even surface is needed for the grilling area.

Step 7: Install the Grill

Then, place the grill on it and attach the grill to the skirt. If it is operated by electricity, you just have to plug it. If it operates by gas, you will have to attach a gas line.

Make sure you plan the whole process carefully so as to have an outdoor kitchen BBQ and grill which meets all your requirements.