Building an Outdoor Kitchen: Integrated Fuel Storage Building an Outdoor Kitchen: Integrated Fuel Storage

What You'll Need
Outdoor grill or oven
Integrated fuel unit pump

Installing an outdoor kitchen in your backyard is becoming one of the hottest trends as homeowners across the nation consider creative and sustainable ways of maximizing their outdoor space. Forget that old charcoal grill on wheels and plastic patio furniture; a true outdoor kitchen is fully equipped, with permanent grills and built-in counters, tables and seating, combining to create an environment that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful, functional, and great for entertaining. If you’re going to be installing built-in grills and stoves, however, fuel is going to be a major concern. After all, it’s no longer a matter of just buying a bag of charcoal and some lighter fluid! Keep reading to learn more about integrated fuel storage and how you can install it in your outdoor kitchen.

Step 1 - Research Your Fuel Storage System

Research various companies that offer these systems, and choose which one is best for you. The best types of integrated fuel systems for your grill will allow you to choose which type of fuel you want to use for a given meal. For instance, for most jobs you might just want to use gas in order to quickly and efficiently heat up your grill. However, for certain types of food, you might want the option of hardwood or charcoal, in order to infuse your meat, fish or vegetables with that special, smoky taste that only outdoor cooking can provide.

Some of the higher-end outdoor ranges can give you this option thanks to their integrated fuel drawer system. If you're willing to invest a little more in your outdoor kitchen and you care a lot about the taste of your food, then you should consider this type of integrated fuel system.

Step 2 - Order Your Fuel Storage System

You can order or purchase an integrated fuel storage system from specialized companies to perfectly suit your outdoor kitchen. This is an ideal option because you can quickly deliver fuel to your range when you need it, without having to rely on large, clunky gas tanks that you have to wait for to order, and which can be difficult to install and replace, and without having to lug home huge bags of charcoal from the store whenever you want to have a barbecue.

Properly installed integrated fuel systems also provide you with greater security and piece of mind in terms of the delivery of fuel to your outdoor stoves and gas ranges. No more fears about using too much lighter fluid; instead, the fuel is safely pumped to the stove or grill through secured pipe lines.

Step 3 - Install Your Fuel Storage System

Integrated fuel storage, also known as an integrated fuel system, consists of a unit pump and an injector that can quickly deliver fuel where you need it. A high-pressure pump works to quickly and efficiently push fuel into your grill or stove’s gas lines via a special fuel nozzle that operates at high pressures. Typically, the company that you order the system from will install it for you, given the potential danger involved.

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