Building Backyard Pushup Bars Building Backyard Pushup Bars

What You'll Need
PVC pipe
Pipe insulation
PVC primer
PVC cement

Building backyard pushup bars is straightforward and easy to do. These innovative pushup bars will be a perfect custom addition to your home gym. The pushup bars will be made out of durable yet inexpensive materials so that they can endure the elements. 

Step 1 – Plan a Location in Your Backyard 

The pushup bars you’ll be building are relatively compact, and won’t take up much of your backyard, but you’ll need space to stretch out your body. The area should be as wide as your arm span and as long as your height. Install the pushup bars where you have flat and hard ground, to ensure stability during your exercises. 

Step 2 – Purchase the Materials 

Your pushup bars will be made almost entirely of PVC pipes, connected together. You’ll be making 2 inverted U-shaped handlebars and they’ll be connected by 1 long pipe. The length of the long horizontal pipe that connects the handlebars to each other should be equal to slightly greater than your shoulder distance, for a comfortable pushup stance. Aim for between 18 to 24 inches. You can also choose the length of the handles depending on what would make you feel comfortable. Usually, these U-shaped handlebars are between 8 to 9 inches in length. You’ll also need 4 T-shaped connecter PVC pipes around 2 inches long and 6 3-inch extensions as ends. All of these PVC pipes should be 3/4 inches in diameter. Apart from the PVC piping, you’ll also need pipe insulation to use as grip. 

Step 3 – Prepare and Connect the Pipes 

Use the saw to cut your PVC pipe into the sections you need, as planned in the previous step. To hold it together, you’ll be applying PVC primer and cement to every connection. Start by laying down the long base pipe. Brush primer onto 1 end of the base pipe and wait for it to dry. Now, mix the cement and brush it onto 1 opening of the T-shaped connectors--attach it so that it faces upwards. Connect it quickly to the end of the pipe with the primer before the cement sets. Use a cloth to wipe off cement that leaks out. 

Repeat this process for every connection, with primer on the pipe and cement on the hub. Attach the second T-shaped connector to the other end of the long base pipe, also facing upwards. Invert the U-shaped handlebars, and insert into these 2 T-shaped connectors. Attach 2 more T-shaped connectors to the other end of each handlebar, with the horizontal side on the ground. For every open hole of each T-shaped connector, insert a cap. Use a hammer to make sure all of the parts fit snugly. 

Step 4 – Setup the Handle Grips 

Measure the length of the handlebars, and then subtract a couple inches. Cut 2 pieces of pipe insulation of this length. To complete your backyard pushup bars, wrap the pipe insulation around your custom made handlebars, to act as a non-slip grip.

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