Building Brick Fireplaces That Also Serve as Stoves Building Brick Fireplaces That Also Serve as Stoves

Brick fireplaces are common fixtures used to heat rooms in cold and rainy weather. However, if you want a brick fireplace that serves also as a stove, then you need to build a masonry fireplace or stove. It looks like a brick fireplace on the outside, but it actually works like a stove on the inside. If you are a beginner in DIY projects, you can buy a masonry fireplace kit to make this job easier. Follow the simple steps below to build a brick fireplace that you can use as a stove.

1 – Constructing the Foundation and Hearth

The base of the hearth should have a thickness of about 4 inches, and you need to hold it in place with a masonry foundation. Keep in mind that the hearth should hold both the chimney and the firebox, and it must be large enough to support a maximum extension of 20 inches. Construct the hearth base at a minimum of 3 inches below the level of the ground so that you can build an inner hearth.

2 – Framing the Masonry Fireplace

Keep things that can catch fire away from the masonry fireplace at a minimum distance of about 2 inches. The combustible wall should have an opening that is 3 inches wider than the width of the masonry. Make sure that the opening at the top is 3 inches below the header.

3 – Building the Inner Hearth and Firebox

Construct the inner hearth with firebrick and make sure that you can place the firebox on it and the hearth will hold it properly. Construct the firebox with firebrick but before that, you need to place the metal frame on the fireplace’s glass doors. Use these doors as a guideline to help you put the firebricks in place. Cover the walls of the firebox with 75 percent solid masonry to give them a minimum thickness of eight inches.

Do not forget to leave a bit of airspace between the masonry backup of the firebox and the shell on the outside of the masonry. This will prevent the structure of the firebox from cracking when it becomes hot with the fire burning within the fireplace.

Build the throat of the masonry fireplace over the firebox and then surround it with masonry until you reach the top. Build a platform of about 13½ inches over the fireplace’s opening. Now put the damper over the platform and make sure that the hinge pins are not touching the throat of the fireplace when the valve is open.

4 – Building the Smoke Chamber

To construct the smoke chamber, put two vitrified clay pieces on the damper and then move it so that the valve of the damper does not touch it when it opens. Surround the clay pieces with a minimum thickness of four inches masonry.

5 – Constructing the Chimney

The chimney at the interior should be bigger at a minimum of 4  inches than the flue which surrounds it. Keep flammable items away from the fireplace’s chimney, at a minimum distance of 2 inches. Also make sure that the chimney of your house is at least 3 feet higher than the roofline.

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