Building Code Information Regarding Door Sizes Building Code Information Regarding Door Sizes

The building code lists down how most parts of your house must be built. For safety purposes, the building code does not exempt doors.

Exit Doors

For exit doors, the dimensions must be 3 feet wide, and 6 feet and 8 inches high. Your exit door must have hinges and should not be a slider. If you are installing an exit door for your home, you have the option to design such door so that it swings inside and not outside.

Glass Doors

For glass doors, the glass must be treated with glazing or tempered. This is required for both interior and exterior glass doors. You should also select such glass so that if it shatters, it should shatter in tiny splints like the way your windshield breaks, rather than in huge sharp pieces.

Doors Between the Garage and the Residence

For doors that are situated between your garage and your house, they should be made of solid wood and 1 3/8 inches thick.

Doors at the Top of Stairs

For doors that are placed on top of stairs without any landing prior to it, the specific measurements may be flexible but the door should open into the room and not outwards to the stairs. This is to prevent any accidents from happening when someone decides to open the door from the inside and someone is walking up the stairs.

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