Building Comfy Kitchen Benches For The Family Building Comfy Kitchen Benches For The Family

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Wood saw
2x4-inch stud lumber pieces
2 Inch nails
4x4 ft lumber (enough for 6 legs per bench)
2x6-ft. Boards
Wood Screws
Electric Screwdriver
Electric Sander
Lacquer, Varnish or paint
Painting Tools

Kitchen benches are an easy, inexpensive and creative way to add seating around your dining room table. With a little planning and the right tools and materials, building a kitchen bench can be a fun, easy project.

Step One – Measuring and Cutting

First, determine how long wide, you need your kitchen bench to be. Cut your 2x4 lumber pieces to create a frame for the bench-top. You will need 2 pieces that are 2 inches shorter than your desired bench length and 4 pieces that are 2 inches shorter than the width.

Step Two – Building the Frame

Nail the 2 longer pieces and 2 of the shorter pieces together to form a rectangle. Next, nail the remaining 2 short pieces at equal distances inside the rectangle to form braces.

Step Three - Constructing and Attaching the Legs

Cut 6 pieces of 4x4 lumber to the length of the desired height for your bench minus 2 inches.

Nail 4 of the 4x4 pieces to the corners of your frame and nail the remaining 2 centered along the length of the frame.

Step Four – Measuring and Cutting the Bench Seat

Measure the length of the 2x6 boards so that they overlap the edges of the frame by approximately 2 inches. Make cuts accordingly.

Step Five – Securing the Bench Seat to the Bench-Top

Using your electric screwdriver and the wood screws, attach the 2x6 boards to the frame.

You can also choose to leave a slight gap (or not) between the 2x6 board lengths to give your bench seat a more rugged look.

Step Six – Preparing to Paint

Sand all surfaces of your newly constructed kitchen bench. While sanding, pay particular attention to the edges and corners. Sand them to the point where they are no longer sharp so they don't splinter or cause injury.

Step Seven – Finishing Kitchen Bench

Once you have completed construction, paint or finish with your favorite lacquer or varnish. Allow them to completely dry before using them for family or guests.

If you like, add several seat cushions or one long cushion that can tie or Velcro to the surface of the wood.

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