Building Decks Like The Masters: 8 Professional Tips

Building decks is a large job. There are many things which must be considered when building decks to ensure that you end up with something you are proud of.

Picking the Right Materials

Decks are constantly exposed to the elements so there nothing is more important than picking the best materials when building decks. Decks can be built using non wood materials such as fiberglass and certain types of plastic but wood offers a superior look and feel. Woods such as teak, white oak and ipe are all naturally resilient and strong.

Tips For Preparing to Build a Deck

  1. Plan your deck carefully. Even professionals take the time to plan out how they are going to build a deck. With a project as large as building a deck it is not a good idea to just jump in and figure things out as you go.
  2. Decide what kind of wood you want to use. Try to use hard woods which have a natural resistance to the outdoor conditions they will be exposed to. Sealing and staining a deck will protect it but using woods which are naturally resilient will ensure that you end up with a deck that will stand the test of time.
  3. Prepare the area where you will be building the deck. Make sure it is clean and that all of your tools and materials are organized so you can access them easily.

Tips While Building Decks

  1. Avoid using nails whenever possible during the building process. Nails are more prone to slipping out over time and poking through. Nails poking through a deck board can easily become a hazard. Instead, use deck screws. Deck screws are designed using materials and a finish which protects them from the elements.
  2. Using a power screwdriver when installing deck screws will make the project a lot easier. Building a deck is a difficult job with lifting and placing and using something like a power screwdriver will help make it a little easier.
  3. Before using nails or screws always pre drill a hole. This will help to prevent the wood from splitting.
  4. Inspect all lumber before using it. Building a deck that will look great and last for years requires good lumber.
  5. Do not try to rush to get the job done. Taking your time will ensure that your deck is built properly and looks good when it is finished.