Building Drainage: Do's and Don'ts

Drainage for your home is an essential element of good home design, and if you ever need to replace the building drainage in your home, you should put some consideration and planning into the venture – before you ever take out your hammer or saw. Here a few DOs and DON’Ts to consider in a drainage system.


  • Keep your gutters and drain pipes clean and free from leaves, trash and debris.
  • Insure that trenches, which lead from the opening of a gutter or drainage pipe, are free from obtrusions or items that would allow water to collect or build up.
  • Place gravel along the footers of the house to prevent water build up and seepage back into the crawl space or basement.
  • Use “L” shaped elbows that allow drain from the roof gutters to flow outward away from the house.


  • Neglect your gutters or drain pipe and opt for an ‘every once in a while’ cleaning approach.
  • Pack sand or soil into the footers along the base of the house.
  • Allow gutter drainage pipes to drain directly downward into the footer area along the base of your house.

Remembering these simple guidelines can save you a lot of common headaches that are associated with your home drainage system.