Building Dream Homes: 5 Extravagant Features Building Dream Homes: 5 Extravagant Features

Dream homes remain elusive for the vast majority of people during their lifetime, but some are able to achieve a level of affluence that can afford them the home of their dreams. In rare cases, people are able to add the most extravagant features to their homes. If money is no object, the only limiting factor is one’s imagination. So, in the spirit of extravagance, let go of any preconceived notions of what a modest home should include. Imagine that you have the means to design the home of your dreams and include any and all features that would turn the home into a palace, a playground or anything you can dream up.

5 Extravagant Features of a Dream Home

This is not meant to be a list of the things that a home should include; rather, it is a purposeful, whimsical and imaginative tour through your dream home where money is no object and extravagance is commonplace. Everyone knows that dream homes include pools, pool rooms, and home theatre rooms, so you’ll have to use your imagination to conceive of truly extravagant additions. If you can imagine it, though, chances are someone somewhere has added it to their home.

  • Indoor Bowling Alley: Imagine being able to tie on the shoes, polish up your favorite ball and enjoy 10 frames of bowling on your own personal 2-lane bowling alley complete with automated pin setup and ball return. Is it extravagant? Of course, but it is also highly entertaining.

  • Personal Gym: A home with a full or half-size gym built into a wing is perfect for a health-conscious homeowner or sport enthusiast. Stock it with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, a full basketball court or a rock-climbing wall.

  • Wine Cellar: For wine aficionados, the addition of a wine cellar is truly extravagant. Imagine going into the basement of your dream home and being confronted with a dozen wood racks each filled with aging bottles of red wine from all over the world. Dinner would never be without a spectacular vintage of wine and would be the envy of every wine lover in the neighborhood.

  • Guest House: Whether it housed a live-in pool boy, an in-law or was available for visitors, a guest house designed is an extravagance in itself, especially if it includes many of the same amenities found in your home. It can be a wing of your dream home or be a separate structure.

  • Music Studio: For the musician who also imagines their dream home, picture the addition of a multi-million dollar studio that is completely soundproof and equipped with the latest recording equipment. Indeed, you might never leave your studio if you had this feature at your personal disposal. Invite your favorite rock band over for cocktails and jamming.

Let your imagination run wild when picturing your dream home. Even if these extravagances do not become reality, the home of your dreams does not have to be without certain features that make it stand out from a modest and average home. If money is an object, make your dream home extravagant in ways more in line with your means.


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