Building Frames for Interior Doors Building Frames for Interior Doors

What You'll Need
Circular Saw
Hand Saw
Tape Measure and pencil
Step ladder
2x3 wood pieces in different lengths
2x4 wood pieces in different lengths
Metal lumber connectors

Build frames for interior doors to help fix your doors yourself and save some money. To frame an interior door, all you will need to do is follow a few basics instructions, the hardest of which involves taking the exact measurements. To ensure that your measurements are right, measure everything twice before making any kinds of cuts.

Step 1 – Decide on the Location

Decide where you want to install your new door based on where the studs, plates and shoes are located.

Step 2 – Measure Door

Measure the door that you bought from the store, you will need the measurements to cut into your wall.

Step 3 – Cut Wall

Add 6 inches to the total measurement and cut the wall opening. Use a circular saw to cut the hole in the wall.

Step 4 – Cut Opening

Along the bottom of the wall will be the shoe, you will need to cut out the shoe to the exact width of the door using a hand saw.

Step 5 – Install Studs

Cut one set of studs so that they fit from the top of the wall to the shoe. Place the studs on each side of the opening on the edge of the shoe to create a frame around the new door.

Step 5 – Install Second Studs

Using the height of the door, you will want to add 1” and cut studs to that length. Then place the studs next to the first set of studs, bottom of studs should be flush against the floor.

Step 6 – Install Header Area

Cut two pieces of the 2x4 wood so that they are equal in length to the width of the door. Place them on top of the second set of studs you installed for the door opening. Use a hammer and nails to secure them in place.

Step 7 – Install Cripple Studs

Measure the distance between the header and the ceiling plate, cut three cripple studs accordingly. Install them between the header and the ceiling plate, one next to each stud and one in the center, use toenails to secure them in place.

Step 8 – Double Check with a Level

Use a level to check that everything is straight and level.

Step 9 – Install Doorjamb

Place the doorjamb in the opening that you have made for the door and nail it to the studs.

Step 10 – Filler Strips

Chances are your doorjamb is not going to fit perfectly to help make the perfect fit you will need to use filler strips to make it fit perfectly.

Step 11 – Finish Touches

Add the finishing touches like sanding and painting to your doorjamb.

Step 12 – Hang the Door

That’s it; your frame is done and you can fix the door.

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