Building Front-Entry Custom Wood Doors Building Front-Entry Custom Wood Doors

What You'll Need
Wooden sheeting panels cut to the door size
1-by-4-by-7-foot wood pieces
Wood glue
Carving tools (optional)
Tape measure
Paint or wood stain

Custom wood doors can be made with any design possible. They can be painted, carved and finished to reflect individual artistic visions, so custom wood doors make a statement about your home. If you are a DIY enthusiast with wood-carving skills, you have a perfect opportunity to show off your skills to visitors. Good-quality wood is necessary for an attractive finished product. Measurements and the correct tools are also essential for completing a custom door project with minimal corrections or adjustments. It is a good idea to plan your design in advance and draw it out, either with pencil and paper or with a digital drawing program if preferred.

Step 1 - Plan and Measure

After you have sketched out the custom door design you would like to create, you will need to take accurate measurements in order to have all of your wood material cut correctly to fit. Standard doorframes measure approximately 6 feet, 8 or 9 inches high, and 36 inches wide. But you should check your frame and write down the exact measurements.

Step 2 - Select Wood Pieces

You will need to purchase two sheets of wood that are approximately 1/4 inch thick and cut to the length and width of your doorframe. You will also need four wood pieces that are 1 foot by 4 feet and 7 feet high. Popular types of wood for custom wood doors include oak, birch, pine or luan. It is important to consider your end result as well as which type of wood is the most economically practical. If you will be carving designs into your door, choose a softer type of wood such as birch or pine. If you will be painting or staining your door, make sure to select an unfinished wood. You can later coat it with sealant after the paint is completely dry.

Step 3 - Cut and Attach Door Rails

Take your first two 1-by-4 wood pieces and cut them so that they are 1/4 inch shorter than the height of your doorframe. The next two 1-by-4 pieces will create the top and bottom rails; attach all these together securely with your hammer and nails to create the outer frame. Finally cut the last two pieces to fit horizontally into the middle of this frame for inner support and nail these in place as well.

Step 4 - Fit the Wood Panels

Trim each of these wood panels to fit on either side of your door frame and glue them in place; allow them to dry overnight. Add a nail at each corner for more sturdiness.  If you are carving wood designs, do so at this step and sand your door to a smooth finish. Also paint, stain and finish your door if this step is included in your original plan.

Step 5 - Add Hinges and a Doorknob

Screw your door hinges in place on one side and cut a hole in the correct place for your doorknob. Attach your new wood door to the door frame, add a doorknob and enjoy your new custom wood door.

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