Building a Hollywood Style Mirror in a Bathroom Building a Hollywood Style Mirror in a Bathroom

Hollywood is not the only city filled with people who want to look their best. For a chance to experience the lighted glamour found in a California bathroom, try recreating a look that has long been associated with the starlets of the big screen. Building a Hollywood style mirror in a bathroom takes a few good tools, patience, and a do-it-yourself attitude.

Getting Started

Before rushing out to buy a mirror and lights, it is important to begin by evaluating the bathroom space. Consider the space available on the wall above the sink or vanity. Small bathrooms need smaller mirrors, whereas, large, sumptuous bathrooms may require significantly bigger mirrors and lighting. Measure the total space available and work from there.

Next research the dimensions of mirrors and light strips. Most home improvement stores sell light strips with 3-5 bulbs in a variety of shines and finishes. Silver and brass are the most common finishes for light strip bases. Manufacturer's websites usually give the length and width of their products, so that a clearer picture of the space needed will come into focus. Once the light strip measurements have been determined, move onto the mirror dimensions.

Subtract the light strip dimensions from the total space available to give the dimensions necessary for the mirror. A mirror can be purchased without any type of framing so that it sits relatively flush to the light strip. It can also come with a frame. Choose the style that best fits the room and space available. Once the products have been chosen, purchase them and begin installation.


Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the light strips and mirror. It is best to install the mirror first, as it would be difficult to install it once the light strips are hung. Wait until the mirror putty has completely dried and the mirror is securely fastened before hanging the lights.

For hardwiring of the lights, contact a professional electrician. He can quickly and efficiently install the lights without the risks that a typical do-it-yourself homeowner may encounter. Once the lights have been hung, place bulbs in the light strip and the Hollywood style mirror will be complete.

There are a variety of choices for light strip light bulbs. They range from the round, over-sized bulbs that are typically Hollywood to energy efficient bulbs that use a fraction of the electricity that traditional ones do. Many energy efficient bulbs also now come with the look of Hollywood style bulbs. Choose the type of bulb that is going to provide the best lighting for the room.

A Hollywood style mirror can make make-up application easier and more fun by providing excellent lighting and style. Choose the pieces that will fit best in the bathroom and make sure that they are installed by a qualified electrical contractor. Enjoy the look of a new Hollywood style mirror while looking like a movie icon who has had her make-up professionally applied!

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