Building Levers and Pulleys

When moving heavy objects, it is often easier to use a system of levers and pulleys to move what needs moving. Sure, straight up brawn and muscle might be able to get the job done, but most people are advocates of working smarter, not harder. That is where the simple machine, the lever and the pulley, come in.

Creating a Lever

Levers are perhaps the simplest machine ever invented. All you need to make a lever is a rigid object of some kind. If you put the lever (such as a plank of wood) on a pivot point (say a pyramid acting as a fulcrum) you can lift heavy objects with much less energy than sheer human muscle. Just put one end of the lever under said object and push down on the other end.

Creating a Pulley

The simplest pulleys are wheels and ropes used in combination. If you have a wheel with a groove and it is between two flanges that is the basis for a pulley. A rope or cable can then go in the groove and be tied to a heavier object. From there, just pull on the rope and you can lift the object much easier.