Building Log Furniture

For a satisfying building project that will result in beautiful, durable furniture, consider making your own rustic log furniture. Use your own hands to create popular-style furnishings that will last generations as family heirlooms.

Log Furniture

Almost any type of furniture can be made of logs, including chairs and tables, sofa frames and bed frames, including headboards and foot boards. Log furniture looks especially great outdoors, in the forms of chairs, lawn chairs and even porch swings.

Rustic furniture comes in two basic styles: rough rustic and rustic elegance. Rough rustic furnishings have substantially more bark left on the logs and usually are made entirely by hand. Rustic elegance log furniture is generally made at least in part by machine and has less bark left on it. Because it is machine-made, rustic elegance furniture is often produced in large quantities and available at reduced prices.

Benefits of Log Furnishings

Quality and solid craftsmanship is often lacking from the furniture available for sale at major stores and outlets. When you construct your own log furniture, you can be assured that you are creating a sturdy piece of craftsmanship that will last a lifetime.

Log furniture only gains in beauty over time. With use, it gains a golden patina as the logs themselves are worn smooth from touch. In vacation homes and retreat spaces, log furniture summons the smells and memories of fun and relaxation.

Log furniture is also inexpensive when compared to manufactured furniture, particularly if the logs are harvested from your own property or another local resource. Other than a few tools and materials to ensure that your furniture is solid and strong, your only other costs are your own time and effort.


If you are interested in learning how to make your own log furnishings, try watching online videos or renting or purchasing do-it-yourself DVDs. You can also vacation at several locations that provide onsite training and lessons. Look to Greens Mill and Sage Mountain for more information.


Building log furniture requires a few special tools:

  • Drawknife – Used to shave the bark off of the logs. Used the old-fashioned way, the knife is pulled across the length of the log, slowly shaving the bark off in long swaths.
  • Power Drill – To create the correct size holes for spindles that are inserted into log rails.
  • Chainsaw – To rough cut logs into appropriate sizes and to shear off side branches.