Building Portable Shade Structures for Camping Trips

What You'll Need
Large Cloth suitable for outdoors ( 3-5 yards in length)
6 eyelets
100-200 feet of durable rope
Tent pegs
Posts or poles ( 6-8)
Decorating material

Camping trips are a lot of fun but can be easily ruined if you lack the proper shade structures for protection against the sun and rain.  To ensure that you have a good adventure, make sure you are prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Buying or renting shade structures can be expensive, but you can build your own with these easy steps.

Step 1: Adjusting Material

Gather all your utensils, supplies and tools. You may need to make some adjustments in the fabric you are using for your shade structure. Use scissors to cut your fabric to the desired shape and size that you require. Use thread and a needle to stitch the cloth together. Ensure that you leave a space with the width of two inches in the middle of your stitched cloth. You have a variety of fabrics to choose from. You can use two large bed sheets or a thinner fabric to allow for sun exposure. You can also use different shapes, such as squares and cone shapes. However, ensure that the fabric you use suits your needs. 

Step 2: Making Openings for Posts

Use the eyelet to make small openings in each of the edges of the cloth. These openings will enable the posts of the structure to remain fixed. Make enough openings to suit your desired shape. There will be five openings required for a cone structure, and six for one with a square shape.

Insert your posts into the desired location. Ask for someone’s help to carry the posts. Connect the cloth onto your posts and secure it with durable rope. Make sure the knots are tight because you do not want your structure to collapse, especially if there is rain.

Step 3: Pulling up the Shade Structure

Place tent holders at a 3 foot distance from each of the posts. Ensure that they do not move so that they do not fall down. Secure it into position. You may want to use extra tips to ensure that your tent is fully equipped. For example, in the case of rain, you want to use two long posts in order to provide protection. The posts will ensure that the water splashes off your tent and does not seep inside.

Step 4: Decorate and Make Yourself At Home

Decorations always add a bit of spunk to the adventure of camping and make you feel more comfortable outdoors. Choose from a variety of different ways to decorate your tent. You can choose flowers or outdoor material you may find at home. The items can range from crepe paper and streamers to wreaths and lighting material. Make sure that you add something that smells nice, such as scented candles or decorations with flowers on them. Be creative and make your camping trip an unforgettable experience.