Building Prefab Metal Garage Kits: 3 Tips Building Prefab Metal Garage Kits: 3 Tips

Prefabricated metal garage kits are a great option if you want to add a garage to your property but don't want to build a structure from scratch. Here are three mistakes to avoid to ensure the building of your metal garage goes smoothly. 

Tip 1 - Don't Do It Alone

Even if you are a seasoned DIYer, thinking you can tackle one of the metal garage kits on your own is a mistake. There are lots of parts, instructions and large pieces of metal, which can be not only heavy, but even dangerous to work with. Ask a friend or two to help with the installation; it will make things easier and will help eliminate mistakes. 

Tip 2 - Make a Solid Foundation

A foundation is not included in a metal garage kit, so plan one before you have your garage delivered. You can pour concrete to make a foundation or level the earth and use stone or slate slabs. Whatever your material, don't make the mistake of not constructing a solid foundation. 

Tip 3 - Understand Your Purchase

Different metal garage kits come with different components, so make sure you know what is being delivered. Things like hardware, insulation, doors and windows do not necessarily come with the kit. To make sure you have everything you need, write down a list of "must-haves" and only select a garage kit that has all the components included.

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