Building Rafters Outdoors

One of the DIY projects that you may end up encountering at some point is the need for building rafters in an outdoor space. Rafters are designed to spread a roofing load across numerous beams, making it possible for you to use roofing materials that are too thin to span the distances between the beams. This process is especially useful for putting a sturdy roof up over a patio space or another outdoor structure such as a shed or barn.

Weight Considerations

When building rafters, you need to keep in mind that rafters need to be capable of supporting their own weight over the open spaces without any twisting or sagging. The rafters also need to be capable of supporting the weight of whatever roof covering you are using. The rafters need to be capable of sloping to accommodate the shape of the roof and allow watershed.

Rafters are capable of connecting to beams and ledgers in several different ways. Choosing the right method of connection for your needs is going to rely heavily upon the design of the roof that you are using. Building rafters outdoors is different from rafters in your home, as weather and climate considerations must be made in addition to all of the other considerations that are normally related to building of rafters.