Building Stone Patio Fireplaces: 3 Tips Building Stone Patio Fireplaces: 3 Tips

Patio fireplaces are peaceful places for outdoor relaxation in all seasons. Depending on the region, a covered area can surround the fireplace or it can be out in the open. Either way, an outdoor fireplace allows you to enjoy nature all year round rather than merely during the warmer months.

Spacing - Allow at least 3 feet of distance from all couches, chairs, sofas and tables. The fireplace also needs to be spaced at least 10 feet away from the house or other structure. Be sure to check city and county ordinances on specific spacing requirements for your location as well.

Prefabricated - Often the fireplace can be purchased prefabricated. This allows the Do-It-Yourselfer to design the aesthetic properties of the fireplace and not have to worry about safety concerns with the chimney or actual fireplace structure. It also assures that the materials are specifically designed for a high-enough temperatures.

Lower is Better - If possible, the opening of the fireplace should always be littler lower than the surrounding area. Sinking the opening a tad will allow for better drafting and minimize the amount of smoke which can be blown by the breeze. The sunken area will also offset the fireplace creating a focal point.

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