Building The Perfect Baby Crib

Your baby will spend almost 2,000 hours in a baby crib. When building the perfect baby crib you will want to make sure that it lasts the duration of that time and you baby remains safe.

Start with a Good Plan

When building the perfect baby crib, you want to start out with a good plan. You can buy a good plan or design one yourself. Whichever you choose, look for one with a high front and back and at least 30-inch sides.

Use Quality Wood

A baby crib is something that can stay with a family for a long time. When building the crib, use the best quality wood you can afford. Hard woods will last a long time, but do cost more than soft woods.

Install Design Elements

Working with wood presents many options in creating designs in the wood itself. You can use a router to write the baby's name or make decorative lines in the wood. Wood burning tools can also be used to add style and character to a baby crib.

Think Safety

When building your new baby crib, always think about safety. The side rails should be no more than 3 to 4 inches apart. Build the crib so it fits snug with the mattress.