Building Wood Stair Cases on a Budget Building Wood Stair Cases on a Budget

Wood stair cases add warmth to a home. They also are made from a renewable resource and are comparatively inexpensive. There are ways to build a quality wood stair case that will keep you on budget.

Get It Right

Check with your local building inspector to see what you will need to do to comply with city ordinances. You will probably need to get a permit. You will need to submit sketches or plans on how the stairs will be built to get an approval. Doing it right the first time will save you the expense of tearing down stairs that don’t meet code so that you can build them again.

Straighten Up

Saving money starts with building the stairs as straight as possible. If you choose curved stairs or stairs that make a u-turn with additional landings you will add significant costs to the project.

Cover Up

If you use hardwoods meant to be finished and visible then you will need to use a higher grade of lumber to construct them. If you cover the stairs with carpet or tile you may find that you can save money on the construction of the staircase. You can even paint the stairs if you use paint-grade lumber without obvious blemishes. Compare the costs of the covering and the labor cost differences to see if it makes sense in your application.

Do It Right

There are inexpensive steps you can take while building the stairs to increase their durability and limit noise when they are in use. Using a sealant between the joints and using quality nails or fasteners are steps you can take.

Have It Done Offsite

If you are paying someone to install your stairway then you should know what the labor and materials will cost. Also determine who will pay for mistakes that are made that require more materials. If you need to stay on a set budget you can get an estimate from a company who will make all of the components of the stairway along with instructions for installation. You might be able to install it yourself and save on labor. So compare the estimates for having it done on site to ordering the stair case kit and decide what your budget can handle.

Do It Yourself

If you are decent carpenter or have done stairs before then the least expensive option is to design the stairs yourself, purchase the materials and install it on your own. But you should know that measuring and installing stairs is a complex skill set. Unless you have a lot of experience you should plan on some mistakes that you will have to fix. Use an online calculator to help you figure out the rise and run, number of treads and materials you will need.

A beautifully-crafted staircase adds value and warmth to your home. You can get the stairs you want and honor your budget at the same time.

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