Building Wooden Wine Racks

What You'll Need
Lumber (Pine preferred)
8g 1.5 inch flat-head screws
Coping Saw
Sanding Block
1/16 inch Drill Bit
1/8 inch Drill Bit
Countersink Drill Bit
Wood Paint or Stain

Building wooden wine racks is a task that is not actually that difficult, meaning that it is a project that you can complete at home in your spare time as you see fit. If you are looking to create a unique display for your wine bottles, the following instructions will provide useful. With the following instructions you can build your own wine rack.


Create the pattern for your wine rack, leaving room for decorative flourishes if you want them. You need two rectangular shaped sides and scalloped edges for each row of bottles that you want to create. The low points of the scallops will hold the wine bottles horizontally. Draw the pattern onto a paper first, and then transfer it to create the pieces. Cut the patterned pieces out with your jigsaw, and then wrap coarse sandpaper around your sanding block and sand all of the end panels down so that there are slight bevels on all of the square outside edges.

Take your end panels and mark your rack positions, giving each rack approximately 8 inches of vertical clearance and approximately ¼ inch of vertical clearance for the top rack. The outer faces of all of the racks should be flush with the end panels' vertical edges. Now you should mark the positions where the screws will go both on the racks and the end panels, spacing the screws properly so that the wine rack will be sturdy when properly constructed.

You should take your 1/16 inch drill bit and create holes for each of the screws by drilling through each end panel and approximately 5/8 inch into each of the racks. Use a clamping system or a vice to keep the panels held in place with the racks every time you go to drill a hole. Now re-drill all of the holes in both end panels using your 1/8 inch drill bit and drill.

Now use your countersink bit with your drill and countersink each of the outside faces of the holes in both of the end panels. Now screw the racks each into one of the end panels. Place the other panel in its place and attach the final screws. Make sure that everything is sanded down using a medium sandpaper to create a smooth finish.

Tips and Warnings

You may want to apply paint or a wood stain if your rack is going to be displayed in a place where it will be seen by other people. If you do not want to finish your wine rack with a stain or paint, you can apply a sealer product to keep the wood in good condition while maintaining its natural look. Keep in mind that your wine rack should be stored in a temperature of between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.