Building Your Own Auto Blinds

Auto blinds help protect the car’s interior as well as the passengers and drivers inside it. Sun damage can cause the dashboard to warp and items such as custom stickers left inside the vehicle to melt.

Varieties of Auto Blinds

There are a variety of auto blinds that can be made for your vehicle. One can be used when the car is parked and will be under intense heat during the day and the other one can be put on while the car is in motion to protect people in the back seat especially children.

Using Cardboard

One way to make a windshield blind is by using cardboard. First make a template by taping together a few newspaper sheets to cover the whole windshield. Then roughly trace the size of your windshield. Cut the template and lay it on a piece of cardboard that is thin enough to be  folded. Cut the cardboard and check if it will fit your windshield. So that it will not be bulky when you put it inside the car, fold it back and forth to form an accordion like pattern. This will help tuck the auto blinds away when not in use and can easily be stretched when you need to protect your car during the day.

Rear Passenger Window Blinds

Another type of auto blinds you can build is a type you can place on the rear passenger windows to protect passengers from the sun. All you need are suction cups, a bendable wire, some fabric glue and a translucent dark fabric (preferably black). Shape the wire into the size of the windows and the wrap the fabric around the wire to create the shade. Then glued the fabric and allow to dry. Place suction cups at the corners to adhere the blind to the window.

Stick Window Film

Another option to make is to get a stick window film. These glass films can be purchased in hardware stores and cut into shape of your window. They work in a way where in you can stick it on your window without glue or adhesive. There are dark enough to protect your passengers from excessive sunlight and thin enough that you will still be able to roll the window down.

Take care when making a auto blind, that it will not hinder the driver's visibility. Do not attempt to use auto blinds on any part of the front  windshield while driving. The same holds true for the back window and your blind spots.