Building Your Own Bird Feeder Building Your Own Bird Feeder

What You'll Need
1x6 ceder
Wood glue
Finish nails
Rubber grommets
Copper top post cap
1-liter soda bottle
Tape measure
Various clamps
Random orbiting sander
Wire cutter

There are hours of quiet entertainment waiting for you after you have built a bird feeder of your own. Hang it in a tree or set it on a stand and watch fine feathered friends flock and enjoy the food you have set out for them. Many times you will be able to see different kinds of birds that would normally fly overhead without stopping. Building a bird feeder is a great do-it-yourself project that can be done in a few hours.

Step One - Layout Parts

Using the 2-foot cedar plank, layout the various pieces on the wood. You will need to draw in three 3 1/2-inch squares, one 4 1/2-inch square, and two 3 1/4-inch circles. Clamp the cedar plank to a solid work space and begin cutting out the parts. Cut each piece out with a jigsaw, keeping the blade to the outside of the lines. With the random orbit sander you can sand the wood down to the final dimensions.

Step Two - Assemble the Top

Glue the two 3 1/2-inch blocks together and then secure them with 4d finishing nails. Take one of the circle pieces and glue and nail it to the top of the 2 blocks. Mix the epoxy and spread it on the square. Set the square inside the copper post cap.

Step Three - Assemble Base

Take the 4 1/2-inch square and drill a 1/4-inch hole, 1/2-inch deep, into each side. Glue four 1-inch long dowels into each of the holes to make the perch for the birds to eat from. Glue and nail the other circle onto the center of that square. Drill a 1/4-inch hole through the center of this and enlarge the bottom of the hole on the square piece side.

Step Four - Attach Wire

Cut out a piece of wire about 3 feet long. Thread the wire through the hole in the base and make a little knot so it does not come through. Glue and nail the last 3 1/2-inch square over the hole where the knot is to keep the wire secure. Drill down through the top and set aside for threading the wire through.

Step Five - Cut Soda Bottle

Cut off the ends of a soda bottle to make a cylinder for the bird seed.

Step Six - Put Together

Drill four 1/4-inch holes about 1/2 inch from the cylinder's edge. Place the cylinder on the bottom portion of the bird feeder and thread the wire up through. Set the copper top on top of the cylinder,aft bringing the wire out through the top. Pull the top down over the cylinder. Fill with bird seed and hang from a tree branch.

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