Building Your Own Green Driveway

With such a focus on going green, driveways are no exception. A traditional asphalt driveway can trap heat and alter the climate of the plants around the area. Not to mention the process of making asphalt is not terribly eco-friendly. There are some ways you can create a more green driveway.

Use Gravel
While many people don’t like the idea of a gravel driveway, it’s the most eco-friendly material you can get. It helps to negate the heat trap mentioned above, and it naturally filters any water run off before it reaches streams and rivers. Gravel is also very cheap and relatively easy to maintain.

Permeable Paving Stones
Permeable paving looks the same as concrete. The difference is that the stones or slabs are made with voids that allow infiltration. They won’t trap heat, and they help with water drain off.

Plant Grass
There isn’t a real need to have a driveway at all. You can always rip out the existing driveway and simply place grass seed in it’s place. You can use decorative paving stones as the tracks for the tires of your car if parking on grass makes you uncomfortable. Grass naturally allows for cleaner run off and won’t change the micro-climate of the surrounding areas.