Built-In Bookcase Building: Mistakes to Avoid Built-In Bookcase Building: Mistakes to Avoid

Built-in bookcase is simply the best being the reason is that they utilize the space in your home that would otherwise be left unused. Following are some mistakes one should avoid while building a built in bookcase-

Mistake 1 : Unplanned Start

Always make a plan before building built in bookcase. Measure all the pieces twice before cutting them. You won`t want your hard work to go in vain. Do remember to put your safety gloves and goggles on.

Mistake 2 : Improper Spacing

Before finally constructing the interior make sure they have enough room for your books according to their sizes.

Mistake 3 : Sagging

To avoid sagging, shelves must be edged with wide hardwood bands. This would give extra support to the structure of the book case.

Mistake 4 : No Room for Crown

Always remember to leave 3 inch tall toe bases for supporting the case and also leave some space for the crown.

Mistake 5 : Uneven Sanding

While sanding the wood, avoid sanding at the sides which are to be fixed to other parts. This may disturb the measurement due to uneven sanding.

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